Appeal Advice

How To Successfully Negotiate An Offer From The Financial Aid Office

Our Do-It-Yourself Kit will show you, “paint-by-numbers style”, how to effortlessly negotiate your financial aid award.


  • If your family has not been awarded sufficient financial aid to cover the cost of tuition and expenses, an appeal process is a necessary action. Requesting a financial aid officer to reconsider an original award amount can take different approaches, but generally, the objective is to demonstrate your inability to pay the amount expected. College financial aid offices generally base an award amount on your financial situation from years previous, but due to an unstable economy, unemployment or other circumstances schools may take other factors into consideration to estimate your ability to pay these expenses.
  • Appeal strategies differ dependent upon specific college financial aid offices and their guidelines and can become especially complex when working with private institutions. A rivalry between private colleges may provide extra leverage for negotiating a financial aid amount; however, a school’s willingness to review a competitive appeal is becoming less common.
  • Colleges do respond to financial aid appeals, and your family has the right to appeal an award decision. Our experienced experts will provide you with proven strategies and tools designed to ensure you receive the appropriate amount of aid based upon your entire financial situation.
**Success is not guaranteed. However, to increase chances, following our step by step instructions will dramatically improve your chances!