Beware: Errors Made by High Schools Can Hurt a College Application

Your student is deep into their college applications: their essays are polished, the applications are nearly complete, and they’ve arranged for their SAT or ACT scores to be sent to each school. Certainly, you don’t need to worry whether the high school will send their transcript, right? Sadly, that’s not the case. It is not uncommon for high schools to miss deadlines or make mistakes in submitting college applications. ABC News recently ran this story of a San Diego student who lost the full scholarship offered to him by Stanford because his high school failed to follow up with his transcript by the deadline. The school blamed a computer error, resulting from a new system that they had implemented to process student transcripts. Stanford was unwilling to budge, and the student ended up at another school. It is imperative for students to stay on top of their own deadlines, leaving enough time to stay ahead of any due dates and recover from possible errors. If your school is implementing a new electronic system for managing the application process, be doubly cautious. Don’t depend on your high school to get it right.