Florida Educational Planning Program


Some of the services included:

  • 10 ½ hour Consulting Appointments for the student. To guide the student along the college journey to ensure that they are making smart and appropriate decisions relating to the colleges that they seek.  ex: Will these schools provide internship opportunities, study-abroad programs, guidance to the graduate level programs they may need to reach their career and academic goals.
  • COLLEGE PLANNING DASHBOARD will provide the following units of instructions:
  • Admission Essay Writing Assistance – 3 revisions
  • SAT/ACT Test Preparation
  • Application Review
  • Financial Aid form filing and review
  • Appeals assistance
  • Scholarship Assistance – including access to our exclusive 114-page guide to Colleges Offering Full Ride Scholarships and Other G
  • Educational testing for Personality Type (Do Who You Are), Learning Style, Multiple Intelligence, identifying ways to create the NECESSARY EDGE to gain admission and merit aid at desired schools
  • Assistance with the SSAR
  • Assistance with the Bright Futures Scholarship application
  • College search tools with the insight of the student’s admissibility chances and financial aid opportunities.(Appeal strategies differ dependent upon specific college financial aid offices and their guidelines and can become especially complex when working with private)
  • College Essay Organizer –
    • A sample outline for an improved essay structure
    • Examples for improving your most important sentences
    • Commentary from our PROFESSIONAL SUPPORT STAFF* to improve your content
    • Sentence-level feedback on grammar, wording, and flow
    • Up to 3 essay edits (more available for additional fee)
  • Assistance with the Bright Futures Scholarship Application
  • Application Review and assistance
  • Financial aid information – an affordability assessment for parents to determine which colleges are appropriate for them from a cost standpoint, identifying strategies to lower the cost of college for all students in the household.
  • Financial aid form filing/review  – FAFSA Filing – Preparation and professional advising to help simplify the complex filing process. Instructions will be provided on proper credentialing and submission.
  • APPEAL ASSISTANCE: If your family has not been awarded sufficient financial aid to cover the cost of tuition and expenses, an appeal process is a necessary action. Requesting a financial aid officer to reconsider an original award amount can take different approaches, but generally, the objective is to demonstrate your inability to pay the amount expected. College financial aid offices generally base an award amount on your financial situation from years previous, but due to an unstable economy, unemployment or other circumstances schools may take other factors into consideration to estimate your ability to pay these expenses.

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