Coral Springs College Planner

Coral Springs College Planner

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Coral Springs College Planners works with High School Students focusing on college applications, essays and financial aid forms. We average savings of $25,000 per year. We provide resources and tools that make getting into and funding college a reality for every student we serve who follows our step by step admission and funding process.

Colleges use a methodology to determine not only which student is accepted but also which student receives financial aid. This method prioritizes students through a scoring used to rate applicants. Every college has its own scoring system.

College Planning – It is important to distinguish yourself from other applicants.

Applications are flagged when the student of special interest applies to the college. Students with special talents are flagged, legacy students receive a flag and under-represented groups receive flags. Once an application receives a flag, it is removed from the common pool of applications to be considered on a separate basis. Flags have helped open many doors to college applicants.

Preferential packaging offers the best awards to the best students.

The students who are most attractive to colleges get the best financial aid offers, or they receive more grants and scholarships than loans and work-study.

A college often gives its best financial aid package to the students it wants to attract. If a school needs or wants you, it can do a lot to earn your commitment to attend. Colleges give their best offers to high priority freshmen to entice these students to enroll. Remember college is big business.