Group College Coaching



Get The Right Guidance. Get Your Questions Answered! Save $10,000’s On College Costs.


Our Group College Coaching Program provides simple, step-by-step and grade-specific college guidance, live coaching, insider secrets, tools and shortcuts to empower you to help your child achieve success. You get an easy plan to help YOU help YOUR child succeed.

It’s not just more information to sort through.

In fact, it’s just the opposite. You LEARN Only What’s Really Important. We cut through all the clutter so you can focus on what’s truly essential. Our Group College Coaching program makes college planning so simple, anyone can get great results.

Do you want to know the unpublished truth about what it takes to get into a top college and qualify for $10,000’s  of merit and need-based aid, even if you think “No way do families like us qualify”!

If you’re ready to get serious about saving money and getting your child into college, the Group College Coaching program can help you do it. The sooner you take action, the more options and scholarships your child will receive.


Here is just some of what the student will get:

  • Learn the proper way to construct a realistic college list Of 6 To 12 Colleges?  Picking a college that will help your student obtain a rewarding and lucrative career, instead of graduating in 6 years (national average) with tremendous debt working in a local coffee house making drinks nobody can pronounce.


  • Knowing just what needs to be done to get into their “Dream College”, which is far more than just great grades and ACT/SAT scores.


  • Learn to play the rules of the game and give admissions officers EXACTLY what they want to see so you can beat the tremendous odds at the “super competitive” colleges.


  • Understand just what needs to be done to get scholarships and financial aid. When you know how a college offers money it makes it much easier to get a “discount” from a school. For ex. – The average discount at a private college is around 49%, and many state universities are offering out of state, “six figure-earning families” merit-based offers to entice your student to come. We will help you learn just what you need to do get these offers, even if your child isn’t the class valedictorian or didn’t hit the ball out of the park on their test scores.


  • Putting it all together – Get a handle on when to visit colleges, who to speak with, what to ask and everything you need to do, when and why, so you’re not surprised by deadlines or opportunities that you should have taken advantage of.


  • Students will get handouts, worksheets and plenty of materials to make sure that they stay on track and on time! A simple and implementable 3-step action plan at the beginning of each month, 2 weeks later, you get a live coaching call where you get our expert advice and answers to your questions. You’ll be able to ‘pick our brains’ and get your specific questions answered during our regularly scheduled live call sessions.


BONUS SESSION: Parents will be invited to a financial aid forms class. We will go through the FAFSA and CSS Profile so you know just what to do when the time comes.


Our Group College Coaching program was designed to help you and your student. The sooner you take action, the more options and scholarships they will receive.