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Did you know that applying to 8-12 schools could mean that a student may have 20+ essays to write!! Students and parents are inevitably shocked by the sheer number of college essays the applications now require.

We all know that writing college essays is incredibly challenging. But what most people don’t realize, until it is too late, is that simply finding and organizing your questions is often just as difficult – and equally important.

You will learn insider-tips for which will help create essays that will gain your student admission to the college of their choice. You will learn how to avoid common pitfalls that hurt rather than help most students who submit applications and essays using our College Essay Organizer and submitting essays that are interesting to read and clearly convey why they want to attend a specific university.

All of the above tools PLUS:

  • College Essay Organizer – Professor-quality feedback by REAL PEOPLE.
  • Differentiate your essays from the crowd
  • Create a personalized list of every application requirement
  • Manages the essay writing and review process
  • Contains proven tools that help students write better essay

We understand what needs to be done and how to get results. Don’t leave this to chance, this is too important!


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Make Your Essay A Masterpiece!!

Use Comprehensive Feedback to get detailed, actionable suggestions. Our Feedback Specialists are a vetted group of rockstars including professors, Ivy League grads, and professional writers.


2 reviews for College Planning Dashboard with Schools & Professor Quality Essay Assistance

  1. admin

    “The most awesome thing about using this ESSAY SYSTEM is the sense of humanity. The editors are really helpful and nice, and I can feel that it is a human [editing] instead of some cold machine.”

    —Marissa P.

  2. admin

    “This was way more comprehensive than I expected! I appreciated the sections where the editor not only made a point, but followed it up with a sample sentence.”

    —Pratik A.

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