Dashboard with Schools, Essay Organizer & Student Assessment Testing


All of the tools and our,

Student Assessment and Educational Testing which includes:

  • Tools to help a student determine their college major and therefore, select schools accordingly.
  • Personality Type (Do Who You Are) -Identify students personality type traits and the careers that best suits them.
  • Learning Style -Understand a student’s natural preferences, to boost learning potential and productivity, improve grades, study habits and confidence.
  • Multiple Intelligent – Reveal student’s multiple intelligence profile for greater insight into their personality and strengths, challenges and career options.
  • Information on suggested careers highlighting a “day in the life of”, salary statistics and other pertinent data.

Using the information gleaned from the results of these tests help a student identify college majors and therefore, finding the right fit school that will provide opportunities to help them launch into a bright future.

    • 579 $
    • 799 $
    • 879 $


23 years of experience, packaged in a neat, organized bundle

The ONE resource that can help you get every last dollar you deserve, whether you have a high school senior, junior or younger.

This information is not available in ONE, integrated source.  It WILL take you years to weave together the information from books, websites, guidance counselors, accountants, financial advisors, and other parents…and even then, you’d be hard-pressed to separate fact from fiction!

Our system takes you through EVERYTHING you need to know in order to qualify for the maximum amount of grants, scholarships, and other financial aid…As well as find and

…comfortably afford to send your child to his “Dream College,” instead of losing sleep at night wondering how on earth you will be able to pay for college without borrowing up to your eyeballs, robbing your retirement or eating peanut butter & jelly sandwiches every night!


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