Elite Private College Planning Program


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The student is offered 30 hours of consulting time to help develop an outstanding for the student strategy to gain admission,  generous scholarships, and financial aid. Included are some of the things utilized:

COLLEGE PLANNING DASHBOARD, FINANCIAL AID INFORMATION, COMPREHENSIVE SEARCH for colleges actively seeking students with similar credentials and interests, COLLEGE ESSAY ORGANIZER and EDITING (up to 4 revisions) and APPEAL ASSISTANCE, SAT/ACT TEST PREP, Unlimited email and phone access.

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  1. admin

    Admission Solutions helped me navigate the admission process into a BS/MD program. Not only that; Admission Solutions also helped me figure out if this combined program was right for me to pursue. These combined programs call for a big commitment at a young age. Without the conversations and research tools I was given while working with them, I could not have figured this out on my own.

    “There is not enough personalized guidance provided to students in high school, at least not at most kids schools so I feel confident that I was able to get what I needed to see what I wanted out of life. Thank you so much for all of your help. I would recommend their testing program to anyone and everyone who needs career direction.”
    – Eric Menchilla, Class of 2020, University of South Florida School of Medicine

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