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COLLEGE ESSAY & EDITING: Get assistance in starting the process of writing an outstanding essay. We will walk you through a series of proven steps designed to aid the student in coming up with smart, applicable content for an amazing essay that will lead to increased opportunity towards admission, scholarships and financial aid.
The student will have all of the essay questions in one easy place, including (and especially) hidden or stealth essay questions (valuable for increasing admission opportunities). Additionally, the student will get detailed feedback on their essay’s content, structure, and grammar along with actionable suggestions to write a KILLER ESSAY. The student will get:

– A sample outline for an improved essay structure
– Examples for improving your most important sentences
– Commentary from our PROFESSIONAL SUPPORT STAFF* to improve your content
– Sentence-level feedback on grammar, wording, and flow
– Up to 3 essay edits (more available for additional fee)

*A vetted group of “rock-stars” including professors, Ivy League grads, and professional writers

3 edits/revisions = $199.99
5 edits/revisions = $399.00 (recommended)
Unlimited revisions = $999.00

2 reviews for Essay Editing

  1. admin

    “This was way more comprehensive than I expected! I appreciated the sections where the editor not only made a point but followed it up with a sample sentence.”
    —Pratik A.

  2. admin

    “Wow! The feedback was very helpful and far exceeded my expectations. Thank you for your help and positive support.”
    —Lauren B.

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