Financial Aid Appeals Kit

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Our Do-It-Yourself Kit will show you, “paint-by-numbers style”, how to effortlessly negotiate your financial aid award.

Colleges do respond to financial aid appeals, and your family has the right to appeal an award decision. Our kit will provide you with proven strategies and tools designed to ensure you receive the appropriate amount of aid based upon your entire financial situation.

Using our kit you will learn:

  • How to write your best possible argument why you deserve to have your financial aid or scholarship award reevaluated.
  • Exactly whom to speak with, how and when.
  • Access to actual sample letters that work so you can craft your own to use with the schools.
  • How to read  & understand the typical financial aid offer so you can negotiate with confidence.
  • How to get on the right track to be able to afford your child’s “Dream College” instead of telling them that you can’t afford it!

Colleges are businesses, your “Award” is NOT written in stone!  Learn today how to put forth your best arguments why you deserve more scholarships or financial aid!

Remember, using just one bit of advice in our DIY kit can improve your offer by $1k’s even $10k’s!!



3 reviews for Financial Aid Appeals Kit

  1. admin

    “My daughter is attending a top university (Vanderbilt University) because of the money she was given by the school, thanks to Nancy and her team’s advice. When we met her, she clearly stated that she gets her clients 5 times what their consulting fee. She sure did so for us and then some! Unbelievably satisfied working with Nancy and Admission Solutions. Not sure where my daughter would have ended up.

    ~Mark Healy

  2. admin

    We met with a quite a few college planners and Nancy Ella of Admission Solutions is the real deal. She knows what she is doing and she delivered exactly what she said she would. Great experience, totally recommend working with her.

    ~Enrique Natale

  3. Ashley Middleton
    5 out of 5

    Just got off the phone with the Financial Aid office at my daughter’s college. They just increased her award by another $6000. This will make a huge difference for us. Thanks Nancy.

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