When To Start College Planning – eBook


When To Start Planning For College

What you get:

  • How to increase your chances of getting into the right college for you
  • 7 fundamental mistakes students are doing and how to avoid them
  • Tips & Tricks on how to save up to $100,000 from your college cost


We have a very popular and incredibly useful eBook titled When To Start Planning For College

Our success has been so profound that we have been able to consistently get our students $25k per year in scholarships.

That’s at least a $100k in lower college costs for our typical student.

The cost of college is so expensive that sharing my insight will help you save $$$$ then it was well worth the effort of preparing this material for you.

I’m introducing you the quality of the information and insight I have and I want to introduce you the information we offer and perhaps help you and your student with the other things we do, such as our Scholarship guide that identifies all schools that offer FULL RIDE scholarships for ALL TYPES OF ACADEMIC STUDENTS. Or our award winning video SAT/ACT Test Prep program. Or doing a personalized college search for your student that will highlight the schools that will offer acceptance and provide generous scholarships.

And that is just some of the great things we do.


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