The Ultimate Guide To College Admissions – Learn To Standout & 1 Hour Consulting

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Finally — A standout guide that works!

We created The Ultimate Guide to College Admission for STUDENTS to know exactly what they needed to do to create the EDGE to beat out the competition to gain admission and get a generous scholarship. Our guide is a great way to stay organized and on top of each aspect of your tasks to make sure that you boost your chances of getting admitted into college.

This guide:

  •  that includes everything you need to know on investigating schools that will be perfect for you.
  • highlights all of the things that admissions department looks for –  challenging curriculum, good grades, and solid test scores.
  • simple enough that will not complicate their life
  • easy to use and that will bring results.

We created this standout kit using our 25 year experience in the industry so it looks like a checklist. The 28 pages keep everything organized while you can feel confident of completing all of your tasks without the fear of missing out important deadlines.



Use this standout kit any way you like to avoid missing deadlines:
* A calendar that will pin-point important events in your student years
* A guide that will help you identify the best school choice for you

It has been created based on the experience of hundreds of students, which can organize your personal calendar when you want to boost your admission chances or standout from the pool of applicants.

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+ 1 hour Consulting to assist you with whatever you need – Getting started, review of essay, questions, ANYTHING. $250.00 value

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  1. admin

    “amazing insight” great way to get started.

    ~Hal Mizziou

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