Looking For Colleges That Offer FULL-RIDE College Scholarships or

FULL-TUITION Merit-based awards?

Save 100’s of hours searching the internet, or waiting on hold to talk to the admission department looking for Full Ride Scholarships for High School Seniors. Save $10,000’s on college costs, and to know which colleges are offering FULL RIDE SCHOLARSHIPS and/or FULL TUITION Merit-based awards!  So if you’re looking for full ride scholarships, this is the place to start.

College scholarships for high school seniorsThe Only Complete List of Full Ride College Scholarships and Other Generous Offers” eGuide, includes:

  • List of all US colleges offering full ride scholarships or full-tuition merit based awards.
  • What requirements are needed to qualify for these scholarships (100 of the scholarships require an ACT score of 25 or less, 99 require a 1200 or lower on the SAT! )
  • Learn how competitive each college is
  • Links to all of the specific scholarships by school and state
  • Complete list of deadlines and other valuable scholarship information
  • Know ahead of time which schools do not require a separate application.
  • If the scholarship is limited to in-state or out-of-state students.
  • If international students are eligible.
  • Scholarships deadlines for these programs.  Know ahead of time and be the early bird to get these awards.

Not knowing all of the colleges that could offer your student a full ride scholarship and then having to pay a lot more for college than is necessary instead of using this breakthrough (eGuide “The Only Complete List of Full Ride Scholarships and Other Generous Offers” ) is crazy!

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“My daughter has decided to attend her top choice school, which would never been possible had it not been for this book. She never would have known about the scholarship she was awarded because it was not listed on the schools website anywhere and the $32,000 per year is a putting a huge dent help in paying for college.

~Peter Winslow (father of Anna, Class of 2021)

“My husband and I work a lot of hours and have had no time to help my son Anthony with the research for scholarships. He selected schools listed and got offers from every school. His top award was worth about $140,000 for 4 years. He is going somewhere else because all in it is cheaper and closer to home. The school he is going to gave him two scholarships totaling $28,500 per year, leaving us with an college expenses that are much more manageable. Not sure where he would be without this information. Thank goodness!!

~Annabeth V. (Mother of Anthony, Class of 2021)