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Admission Solutions Is Your Single Source For College Planning

Until recently regular students trying to get into the college program of their choice were at a severe disadvantage to applicants who could afford to spend thousands of dollars for a competitive advantage.

Now families on a budget can level the playing field with Admission Solutions’ self-guided college admissions dashboard. This powerful new technology automates many of the tedious aspects of the college planning process.

With 3 self-guided dashboards to choose from, you can choose one that best meets your college planning needs and budget to give yourself the best chance of getting into the college program you want:

  • Comprehensive college facts, ratings, financial details, and information all at your fingertips for streamlined, effective research
  • Access expert tips, tricks, and guides to creating applications that impress the right people to maximize your chances of a successful application
  • Uncover colleges with full-tuition scholarships which match your credentials and interests for more options and the chance to save tens of thousands on your education
  • Enjoy peace of mind knowing that no stone has been left unturned and your applications are the strongest they can possibly be, optimized with our state-of-the-art technology

Planning for college is one of the most stressful things anyone can do – and comes at a time in life when students are already overwhelmed by the demands of modern-day school life.

With Admission Solutions’ self-guided college admission’s dashboard, you can work more efficiently toward the results you want to see while leveling the playing field with this highly-affordable program. Get started today and work toward your future!




Our Self Guided Dashboard programs provide solutions to families on a budget. It is a very effective tool to create the kind of competitive advantage many applicants spend $1000’s for is now available to you at a fraction of the cost of hiring a college planner. Utilizing our groundbreaking, easy-to-use technology to accurately automate the most time-consuming and tedious part of the student responsibilities, allowing a student to work smarter (not harder) by streamlining college planning with everything you need all in once place.

Dashboard  – $579.00

You will be able to:

  • Build a college list.
  • Get fast facts on each college based on the most important information.
  • Use updated college ratings – admissions, academic offerings, public safety, sports, alumni networks and more.
  • In-depth analysis on college tuition, an out-of-pocket cost calculator and financial aid.
  • Clear and easy to digest statistical summaries of data points through charts, narratives, and other data visualizations.
  • A section on “Post-Graduation & Alumni Network” that offers a glimpse of career opportunities after graduation.
  • Navigating the admission process.
  • Get inside tips for getting in.
  • Completing stand-out applications.
  • Securing financial aid and scholarship money. Our exclusive 114-page Scholarship Guide
  • Students and Parents have access to all due dates for testing, assignments, and applications by staying up-to-date with our integrated calendar.
  • All of your student’s college information in just one place.
  • Introduction (How to start the college selection process
  • College Search Tools with the insight of the student’s admissibility chances! Predict your odds of getting into your Dream Colleges – With 90% Accuracy – So You Can Avoid Admissions Disappointment!!

Dashboard with Schools & Professor Quality Essay Assistance – $799.00

Did you know that applying to 8-12 schools could mean that a student may have 20+ essays to write!! Students and parents are inevitably shocked by the sheer number of college essays the applications now require.

We all know that writing college essays is incredibly challenging. But what most people don’t realize, until it is too late, is that simply finding and organizing your questions is often just as difficult – and equally important.

You will learn insider-tips for which will help create essays that will gain your student admission to the college of their choice. You will learn how to avoid common pitfalls that hurt rather than help most students who submit applications and essays using our College Essay Organizer and submitting essays that are interesting to read and clearly convey why they want to attend a specific university.

All of the above tools PLUS:

  • College Essay Organizer – Professor-quality feedback by REAL PEOPLE.
  • Differentiate your essays from the crowd
  • Create a personalized list of every application requirement
  • Manages the essay writing and review process
  • Contains proven tools that help students write better essay

We understand what needs to be done and how to get results. Don’t leave this to chance, this is too important!


This site helped me manage all my college essays from beginning to end. I didn’t waste a single second searching the colleges’ own applications for the hidden essay questions and I never had to worry if I was overlooking some essay for one of the special programs I was applying to. What would have taken me hours, took less than two minutes with the free Essay QuickFinder.

~Jarret H.

Dashboard with Schools, Essay Organizer & Student Assessment Testing – $999.00

All of the above tools and our,

Student Assessment and Educational Testing which includes:  

  • Tools to help a student determine their college major and therefore, select schools accordingly.
  • Personality Type (Do Who You Are) -Identify students personality type traits and the careers that best suits them.
  • Learning Style -Understand a students natural preferences, to boost learning potential and productivity, improve grades, study habits and confidence.
  • Multiple Intelligent – Reveal student’s multiple intelligence profile for greater insight into their personality and strengths, challenges and career options.
  • Information on suggested careers highlighting a “day in the life of”, salary statistics and other pertinent data.

Using the information gleaned from the results of these tests help a student identify college majors and therefore, finding the right fit school.