In State/Out of State/Private College Education Planning


In State/Out of State/Private College Education Planning:

  • 15 hours Consulting time for the student.
    • INTRODUCTORY Instruction (how to start the entire process)
    • STUDENT SELF-ASSESSMENT – Tools and prompts intended to assist the student throughout the college selection and application process.
    • COLLEGE SEARCH TOOLS the insight of the student’s admissibility chances.
    • SCHOLARSHIP INFORMATION – including our 114 – page exclusive guide to FULL RIDE Scholarships and other Generous Offers.
  • FINANCIAL AID INFORMATION: including an affordability assessment for parents identifying strategies to help lower the cost of college for all students in the household.
  • COMPREHENSIVE SEARCH for colleges actively seeking students with similar credentials and interests as your student and introduce both the school to the student and the student to schools. This strategy can potentially provide savings of $5,000 – $25,000 or more when coupled with a smart thoughtful admission campaign.
  • COLLEGE ESSAY ORGANIZER and EDITING: Get assistance in starting the process of writing an outstanding essay. We will walk you through a series of proven steps designed to aid the student in coming up with smart, applicable content for an amazing essay that will lead to increased opportunity towards admission and financial aid. The student receives detailed feedback on their essay’s content, structure, and grammar along with actionable suggestions to write a KILLER ESSAY.
    • A sample outline for an improved essay structure
    • Examples for improving your most important sentence
    • Commentary from our PROFESSIONAL SUPPORT STAFF* to improve your content
    • Sentence-level feedback on grammar, wording, and flow
    • Up to 4 essay edits (more available for additional fee)

*A vetted group of “rock-stars” including professors, Ivy League grads, and professional writers

    • FAFSA Filing – Preparation and professional advising to help simplify the complex filing process. Instructions will be provided on proper credentialing and submission.
    • CSS PROFILE Filing – The CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE® is required by many private colleges and universities to determine your eligibility for non-government financial aid, such as the institution’s own grants, loans, and scholarships. We offer our students and their parents a hassle-free CSS PROFILE filing service that include preparing, reviewing and helping you file the application. NOTE: All information included in the CSS Profile is acquired from the financial reporting provided by each family.
  • APPEAL ASSISTANCE:  Colleges do respond to financial aid appeals, and your family has the right to appeal an award decision. Trust our experienced experts to provide you with proven strategies and tools designed to ensure you receive the appropriate amount of aid based upon your entire financial situation.If your family has not been awarded sufficient financial aid to cover the cost of tuition and expenses, an appeal process is a necessary action. Requesting a financial aid officer to reconsider an original award amount can take different approaches. College financial aid offices generally base an award amount on your financial situation from years previous, but due to an unstable economy, unemployment or other circumstances schools may take other factors into consideration to estimate your ability to pay these expenses.

*Success is not guaranteed. However, to increase chances, it is suggested that the family follow the advice provided.

**Technology Fee is required. $50.00 Renewal fee each year for dashboard usage.





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