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“As a Real Estate agent, I would never recommend a major purchase of a home without professional advice. A college education costs over $200,000 and  we can’t afford to take chances with these important choices when it means my child’s future. Nancy and her team were so helpful and honestly helped to avoid a great deal of the risk with overpaying, we highly recommend working with Admission Solutions, from start to finish, they were there every step of the way.”


CRB, Pompano Beach, Fl

“We received over $26,500 as a result of our participation in your program! We were told that we made too much money to qualify for help….CLEARLY NOT SO! Our deepest thanks go out to Nancy and her staff for their help and support.”


Mrs. R. DiMarco, Lake Worth, Fl

“After meeting with several college planners and college planning companies, my husband and I decided to go with Admission Solutions. Not only did their team elaborate ways to pay for our daughter’s college education but also outlined the appropriate admission track that Kelsy needed to follow to select schools that would offer generous financial aid packages. Her colleagues showed us how to afford all of the costs. Thanks we are deeply appreciative!!!  (UPDATE – Nancy just finished working with our middle son, Chase and he is going to be attending University of Richmond (his first choice) with a financial aid package of $45,500! Now we have two in school and can actually pay for the both of them thanks to Nancy and Admission Solutions).”


The Brody Family, Monmouth Beach, NJ

“After spending hundreds of hours researching on my own…. I decided to work with a college planner to help me with my funding and pay for my children’s’ college. I came about your website while doing my searches online and glad that I found Admission Solutions! Their advice and resources (College Planning Dashboard) is terrific. Great service and enlightening tools for any parent and college student that is worth every penny. Save yourself the aggravation and don’t hesitate and hire them to help you plan your kids college.”


M. Weinstein, Wyckoff, NJ